St Valentine’s Day – A boring blog, that gets better…much better!

We don’t want to get all ‘Grammar Police’ on you all, but the apostrophe in St. Valentine’s Day, might be in the wrong place. This is because, St Valentine was not one person, there were at least two of him, and possibly as many as twelve.

Third century Rome it appears, was awash with Valentine’s, and it was one of these fine chaps (and one chapette, Valentina), that was Martyred in AD 269, but nobody knows which one.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and our very own saucy poet Geoffrey Chaucer was the first person to make a link between St. Valentine, and the old smoochy-smoochy, kissy-kissy, in his 14th century poem ‘Parlement of Foules’ (great poet, terrible speller!)

And so here we are today, St. Valentine is Patron Saint of lovers and greetings card manufacturers, everywhere is awash with pink love hearts and couples all over the world feel compelled to celebrate an arbitrary date with expensive gifts, chocolates and gratuitous displays of affection.

And what’s more, we love it!

Of course we’re going large at Fallen Angel this SVD (St. Valentine’s Day), we promised you a boring start to this blog…and I think we can all agree we delivered, so here’s the big finish.

In addition to some top-notch drag cabaret, with songs and sketches, jokes old and new, we have only gone and teamed up with Mandira’s Kitchen, the multi-award winning purveyors of Indian deliciousness.

£35.00 per person gets you a Prosecco arrival, a great seat for the show, and a fabulous choice of Indian food including spicy samosas, Butter Chicken, Navrattan Korma (the name literally means nine jewels…camp or what!), Pomegranate & Saffron Rice, and homemade chutneys & spiced crackers.

Is Indian the food of love?

Of course it is, they literally wrote the book on it, this is the culinary equivalent of the Kama Sutra…mouthgasms galore!

What a night, book soon, we will sell every ticket and there will be a waiting list.

We hope to see you on the 14th.