The Curator of Christmas

Dearest Reader,

It is my very great pleasure to introduce your official Fallen Angel Curator of Christmas Goings on and Shenanigans, the one and only Tinsel Tina, outrageous alter-ego of our very own Miss Zelda Stone…

Hello Beautiful,

‘What a thrill.

But this is hardly an unexpected honour for me, a lifetime of being ‘camper than Christmas’ has finally led to this accolade, and let me just say that nobody deserves it more than I do.

I will be magnificent.

So, in my very first proclamation as Countess of Christmas, I am thrilled to shout, (not for the first time)…Take a look at my bulging package of delights


Christmas is a Drag…of course it is!

Bespoke Party Nights and Exclusive Hire

Fabulous Shared Party Nights

Daytime Happenings

Let’s Laugh at Christmas

Tequila Navidad

Bottomless Christmas


These are just a few of the events that I have ready for Christmas, and there’s lots more to come so keep ‘em peeled!

Just let Tinsel Tina take you gently by the hand and expose you to a Christmas like no other…it’s going to be delicious.


Until Christmas,