It is our pleasure to welcome our new head chef, Luis.

Say Hello to Luis

It is my pleasure to welcome our new head chef, Luis.

When we started Fallen Angel it was never our intention to serve food. We introduced the platter-style menu in response to genuine demand from our lovely customers, and we kept the ‘menu’ as simple as possible for one very good reason…

That reason was me, because while I am a lot of things, I am not a chef.

I liken myself to the funny little spare wheel that you get in some cars, the one that is fine to get you home, or to the next services, but no good as a long-term solution.

As demand for food increased it became obvious that we needed a kitchen craftsman, so it was a very happy day indeed when the lovely Luis walked through our doors. Luis is a hugely experienced chef, his flair for Mediterranean cuisine has already lifted our menu to previously unimaginable levels, and more dishes will be added, as Luis works his magic with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

We will formally launch our new menu on Wednesday 29 March and I am certain that it will be a great hit, from breakfast to your evening meal, as well as light bites and bar snacks. We will be preparing everything fresh in our own kitchen and serving it direct to your table in our own, relaxed and inimitable style.

I would like to thank every single one of you that have suggested a change of direction in the kitchen, especially the one person that commented…’Nick, for a singer, you’re a great cook’. I like to think that they were being cruel to be kind.

We have space for 10 more people at the food launch this Wednesday, so if you would like to come along and try the new menu on us just drop us an email at, Depending on the number of emails we will draw names from a hat Tuesday afternoon and let you know if you made the list. 🤞


Welcome aboard Luis, it really is great to have you here with us.