Interviewing the one and the only, Miss Tinsel Tina!

In the finest traditions of HELLO, TV Quick, OK! and Take-A-Break, we are proud to present the very first edition of WHAT’S Up!!

And when we say first edition, we mean only edition because it’s a one-off special celebrity interview with the ‘Spirit of Christmas Spirits’, our very own curator of all things festive, the one and the only Miss Tinsel Tina.

Tina, tell us all about your Christmas package

‘Just as the Mayfly flutters beautifully and brilliantly for a few short hours, so do I, Tinsel Tina arrives with a bang, spreading joy and shining like a brilliant star, before departing with a cheery wave, leaving hardly a dry seat in the house’

You’ve heard the expression ‘camp as Christmas’? Well this December I will be the ‘camp of Christmas’ here at Fallen Angel…and could there be a more appropriate stage for me to supervise, I do not think so!

Only coming once a year has it’s benefits, a fabulous Bang and it’s all over.

So what do you have lined up for us?

I have cast my net far and wide, catching beauties for my beloved fans to adore, there will be cabaret nights to make 1930’s Berlin look like a lot of fuss about nothing, Burlesque acts so delicious that you’ll think you’re in heaven…or the other place.

Live entertainment, great food, bottomless brunches (that have a wonderful habit of drifting into boozy lunches and positively debauched dinners, forget happy hour, we make the good times last all day!).

I will also be supervising some rather spectacular Christmas parties, so if you’re looking for something a bit different for your works ‘Do’ this year, give Tinsel Tina a go, you will not be disappointed.

When does it all kick off Tina?

Call me old fashioned (or mix me an Old Fashioned), but I thought I’d keep it to December!

Any highlights?

I’m all about the highlights, it’s hard to believe but I am not a natural blonde, blue, pink and purple…oh, you mean party highlights.

Yes, there’s the Drag Bottomless Brunch to start with, Tequila Navidad night will keep the Christmas ball rolling nicely and then there’s ‘That’s a Full Stocking’, a Christmas celebration of drag.

And I have to mention ‘Terrible Christmas Jumper Night’, you see Kevin in accounts…you shall go to the ball!

Is that everything?

No. Of course not, there’s something on most nights in December, a few of the shared party events have sold out (we did warn you!) and we wrap things up with an emotional farewell or should that be, good riddance to 2022 with our New Year’s Eve Bash.

This is me Tinsel Tina, signing off, and remember just like Saint Dolly of Parton, I work hard to look this cheap!