Christmas is coming…and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Dearest Reader,

Christmas is coming…and there’s nothing you can do about it!

We have a bit of a problem here at Fallen Angel, it’s quite a unique situation but as a regular guest, it’s one that I hope you can identify with?

You see, where other venues are gearing up for Christmas, polishing their baubles and whipping out the tinsel, here at Fallen Angel we are looking at things a little differently. After all when your ‘normal’ Saturday Brunch features bottomless Prosecco, live music and a full drag cabaret, how can you get really excited about Boxing Day?

We set the bar pretty high on a weekly basis, not like the Christmas Heroes with their annual shindig, the once-a-year revellers cuddling a snowball and trying to pluck up the courage to have a quick smooch with Kev from accounts.

Of course we will be hosting Christmas events, of course they will be lively, fun-filled occasions and of course we’ll having the best parties in town, but, and here’s our promise…we will not be ‘decorating’ the bar with candy canes, we will be an almost completely fairy-light free zone, and if you see even a scrap of plastic mistletoe, please inform the management!

How could any amount of Christmas tat compare with the show put on by ‘Tinsel Tina’. ‘Tina’ will be curating the entire month of December, injecting fun, laughter, music and entertainment into every day and night in her own, inimitable style.

Check out the full programme right here, right now and get your party booked, we will sell-out.

See you in December, if not before,

Love ‘n’ stuff