Altogether now…Ba da ba da ba da baba…Tequila!


You would think that a song with just one word, repeated three times would be the worst choice ever for a Karaoke night, unless you can’t sing or you’re a bit shy of course.

But let me tell you that one night I was in a bar in Glasgow (the spiritual home of Karaoke), and the place erupted as soon as the first few bars were played, and believe me, the noise of 100 Glaswegians shouting Tequila at the top of their voices was quite the experience!

So, now we are into Tequila Month here at The Fallen Angel I thought I might hit you with a few facts about the wonderful stuff.

A little bit of history

Tequila contains very few calories, zero sugar and no carbohydrates. We’re not saying it’s an alternative health drink, but as spirits go, and boy does this one go, it is ‘claimed’ that it helps develop bone strength, reduces pain, helps sleep and even reverses the aging process. These claims are of course nonsense but there are plenty of websites that report them as fact.

Aztec’s began fermenting agave, the plant that is vital to all Tequila’s, over 3,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the Spanish arrived in the 15th century that things took a turn for the tasty. It was a further 100 years or so before the Marquis of Altamira built the first large-scale distillery in Tequila itself.

Blue agave is the best for producing Tequila, the nectar of this brilliant plant is almost twice as sweet as sugar.

What about the worm?

Well, here’s a funny thing. It’s Mescal that is bottled with a worm, not Tequila. Both drinks are distilled using agave (only ever blue Agave in the case of Tequila), but Tequila must be produced in specific regions of Mexico and must comply with the strict regulations demanded by The Tequila Regulatory Council…oh yes, they take Tequila VERY seriously in Mexico, and quite right too.

The Margarita

Was invented by mistake in 1936 by an Irish barman working in Tijuana, his drink was called the Tequila Daisy, Margarita being the Spanish word for Daisy.

One final fact

Running until 22 March, it’s Tequila Month at The Fallen Angel. Explore the wonderful world of blue agave with us, we’ll tempt you with the ‘good stuff’ and mix you the best Margarita this side of Tijuana…

Our Tequila of choice is Patrón and we serve Añejo, Silver & Reposado. Their bottles, barrels, corks are all handcrafted at their distilleries and are pretty sleek and sexy, perfect for The Fallen Angel!

Altogether now…Ba da ba da ba da baba…Tequila!